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hoangreviews.com is of Amy Danise. She is managing editor at hoangreviews.com and Forbes Advisor, brings over 30 years of insurance expertise, covering various areas including auto, home, life, pet, travel, health, and small business insurance. Specializing in simplifying complex insurance topics, Amy collaborates to translate jargon into clear insights for consumers. Leveraging her industry contacts, she develops Forbes Advisor’s insurance content and analyzes state filings for insights. Amy’s expertise has earned features in major news outlets like The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in American Studies from Wesleyan University.

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1. hoangreviews.com belongs to which company?

Our website was established by hoangreviews.com group – one of the companies founded by a group of individuals with long experience in the media industry since 1997.

In June 2016, the ownership of the website hoangreviews.com was transferred to hoangreviews Co., Ltd., which specializes in providing knowledge about Experience in life and science, specialized medicine in water. home.

You can refer to the website Privacy article to learn more about our commitments to collect personal information. In addition, you can also learn more about hoangreviews.com through the FAQ section below.

2. Editorial team of hoangreviews.com

hoangreviews.com has a team of advisors, editors, writers who are leading experts or have many years of experience in the field of knowledge care. In particular, many of our experts have successfully published articles and research articles related to the field of Life Experience.

3. hoangreviews.com has any official source of income?

hoangreviews.com earns profit from advertising as well as sponsorship from partner companies. Currently, we publish all our sponsoring partners directly on our website.

4. Is the content posted on hoangreviews.com trustworthy?

All content posted on our website is written by experienced writers in the field and undergoes a rigorous censorship process by the advisory board and editors.

If the article is specialized content related to life experiences, hoangreviews.com will seek advice from specialists. We always strive to provide readers with the most objective, scientific and accurate consulting content.

5. The reason why hoangreviews.com appears in sponsors’ ads

Any website that wants to work needs a certain amount of funding and so does hoangreviews.com.

If the website does not run ads, it must be redirected to the field of product SEO and from there the content posted on the web must revolve around that product. This will generally lose the objectivity that hoangreviews.com is aiming for.

Conversely, if hoangreviews.com does not run ads, it must receive exclusive sponsorship from a certain third party. This third party will have full control over the content posted by us and may lose its original objectivity. That is the reason why hoangreviews.com decided to run ads.

6. Is hoangreviews.com always PR for web units running ads?

Currently, hoangreviews.com is cooperating and running ads for many different products, services and partners. However, we still maintain our stance from a business perspective, which is to maintain objectivity and fairness between brands. Even thanks to the diversity of our advertising partners, we keep our comprehensive view of the products Life experience.

7. How to recognize articles that run ads?

Currently, hoangreviews.com runs advertising banners, articles with promotional content, parts of sponsor content and links to partners’ websites.

Advertisements and articles with marketing content are labeled “Advertising” by hoangreviews.com. Items moderated by sponsors will be labeled “Sponsored Sections”. Links to the partner’s website or to materials outside the website will be marked as external.

8. Is the information posted by hoangreviews.com regularly updated?

Our experts, editors and collaborators always keep abreast of the latest news and events in the field of Life Experience. In addition, our writing team also attends many periodic professional conferences, meets and exchanges with experts with experience in leading medical life. Therefore, the content we post is guaranteed to be accurate and useful.

You can follow the page update date at the end of each article to understand the newness of the information posted by hoangreviews.com!

  1. Official contact address with hoangreviews.com

You can contact us at the address:

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Laurel, Mississippi(MS), 39443 USA

Or use the contact mailbox: idazzle279@gmail.com